Examples of successful operation of those who buy Network

buy a net this model rises in the country after, development is out of hand, the number that buys a net has turned several times. However, so many groups can really survive the network is indeed a small number. We found that if you are only confined to the disaster caused by flooding water ordinary commodities then your group purchase group purchase, network cannot be successful, because this part of the market share has been large e-commerce sites such as Juhuasuan dominated, it is difficult for you to get a slice of. For the group buying network, the way out is to turn to all walks of life vertical buy network. The success of a network of dedicated webmasters is a living example. Below, I with a group of nets for example, analysis of successful operation group buying network of those things,

1: the choice of goods should have its own advantages,

do buy site, the choice of goods is very important. For a group buying network, it is not the more products you buy on your platform. I see a lot of buy site, because the amount of information is large, the type is very complicated, but can not develop. The main reason is that a large number of group buying information allows users to produce aesthetic fatigue. The main reason why group buying attracts consumers is that the price is favorable and the amount is limited. If you release a large amount of preferential information, it will backfire. I see a group of choice is closely with the owners of the relationship between the products, such as the source, space, server and so on group purchase goods, based on the original network owners have a group of loyal visitors, naturally can enlarge its advantages, obtain better development. In this regard, we buy the network before the operation, you need to choose their own industry advantages of products, so as to reflect their own advantages.

two: let consumers have a sense of concessions

, if your group buys information to be able to not let your consumption feel favourable, so your commodity is very difficult to buy the mode of net to carry on go down. If you have been introduced some difficult to make concessions in the price, preferential efforts to maintain only love twenty percent off, ten percent off products, I think consumers are difficult to feel. Product selection is one aspect, and the range of discount should be as much as possible to attract users. This is especially true for products that do not have standard pricing on the market. For example, a space, a space, a dozen cheaper, expensive, there are several hundred dollars, and we show a space products, we can play a relatively high price to show that the discount is very large. The key point is to be good at the use of numbers, highlight discounts in the page and save money for the user. This information allows users on the discount.


three: create products hot, tight atmosphere

we all know that people who go shopping in addition to the low price, sometimes there will be follow the trend of psychology. We can see this from the promotion of real life hypermarkets, and if we see the mall line up, even though we don’t know what’s on sale, >

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