Analysis of user’s sense of belonging in SNS class website operation

Kang Sheng UCHome, plus later into the micro-blog concept ThinkSNS, ThinkSAAS and other notes dog SNS station program, we grassroots webmaster to build a SNS site is no longer what big problem, therefore, we will not go into the technical problem, cool grassroots and to explore together with the a key class on the SNS web site operators in the user a sense of belonging.

what is the sense of belonging? A user on the site produced a sense of dependence, exactly should be to make the user feel a part of their belonging to the site, and a sense of belonging to the website user stickiness is higher, more stable flow, cool grassroots grassroots "evolution" has a more detailed explanation. The purpose of this paper is to supplement the "grassroots evolution" in the sense of belonging to the user concept, from the SNS website as we bring more detailed analysis.

‘s analysis of the user’s sense of belonging: speak

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is SNS website, then the core of social and customer relationship is the website, we again from the user’s perspective, the user’s social relationship is roughly divided into the following layers: the first layer is the user’s friends in reality, the relationship between relatives and classmates, the second layer is the user in the network to rely on interest together with friends, third layers of relationship is our idol or celebrity, which is a layer of negligible, however due to the presence of micro-blog in the fan system, forced this relationship in the light exposure.

has made a detailed appraisal of the three layers in "grassroots evolution", which we will review later. For users, the first layer of social relations are the most closely and the most important one, and the second layer is a layer of close relationship belongs to the general, the importance of the relationship between the third for users is almost negligible. In our SNS class web site, the user’s social relationship in the website is an important factor to determine the user’s sense of belonging.

Compared with

for example – QQ space and Sina micro-blog, for the most part, QQ space friends are my friends, classmates and family, belong to the first layer of social relationships, and most of the attention of sina micro-blog’s friends and fans are strangers, so many users choose to publish some your life related content in the QQ space, record the course of my mood, and some do not want to let people see the side closely related words, users will choose published in the Sina micro-blog Sina micro-blog, because the vast majority of people are concerned about their own do not know people belong to strangers. To a certain extent, QQ is more like a user’s home of mind, while Sina and micro-blog are the entertainment places for users to seek novelty and excitement.

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family, and there are many places where you can find a sense of excitement and fresh food. Where the fun is, the user goes there, and then again, something new will be available

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