Dai Renguang nterpretation of 2009 Chinese personal Adsense Survival Report

This is a

report "released in May this year, NetEase and the laggards 2009 Chinese personal webmaster Survival Report", I also recently seen, carefully read it again, write about my personal interpretation of the situation for the report of the


interpretation of personal Adsense to part-time based, site traffic constrained search engine

part-time personal webmaster finally find its own direction, the resignation of professional standing, this is a common phenomenon in the circle of existence, most people still exist on a part-time basis, the basic flow is through the search engine, so the search engine algorithm for change of circle fluctuation is not small, or suggest the webmaster do not search engine and do stand, but the search engine as a means of publicity, in order to develop the website to live better, so even if the search engine algorithm changed from search engine traffic less, it may not fundamentally affect the development of the website. The use of a domain name report wrote, I think that unless the garbage station, or should give priority to.Com, a website program, most owners are not their own, but the Internet to download the source code, for this part of the webmaster, I recommend to download some mature, you can control the source code, download some webmasters not mature website source code, and no system of learning tutorial, it is difficult to deal with problems, it is difficult to find other webmasters to get help, such as DEDECMS, DISCUZ forum this kind of common source, there is a problem, you can find the answer.

interpretation 60% Adsense profit "pupil", second only to "doctoral student"

this shows that now stationmaster profitability can still, but a little exaggerated, 60% of the owners to achieve profitability, the average total of more than 2600 full-time part-time, the profit of the full-time webmaster the average monthly income of 6155 yuan, and the profit of the part-time webmaster of the average monthly income of 1259 yuan, about the profit model and the mainstream model for e-commerce, followed by advertising alliance through collecting membership fees and income, now the electronic commerce also slowly into the webmaster view, have their own traffic advantages, then sales website related products, directly through their own advantages, do online shopping, e-commerce is a piece of meat. Owners have to pay attention to, followed by the membership fees, such as some of the forum VIP service area, most of the webmaster or in domestic advertising alliance Stage, but cheater alliance more and more, and even some good credit union, such as GG advertising, Baidu alliance, the price is also more and more low, Taobao off the current profitability is still relatively objective, but with the growing army of Taobao passenger, will also put forward higher requirements on the webmaster, inevitable some will be eliminated. Full-time business income of the website to be much higher than the part-time station, because full-time do stand has reached the demand of survival, and have the time to pay attention to some of the resources under the line, such as electronic commerce, must rely on online and offline interactive.

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