Hong Yi look at the future of CN domain name from the single letter CN transaction

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, is not to the recent success of transactions two single letter domain cn T.cn and N.cn. Although the transaction of the two domain names are reported by the media, but in fact, the domain name sold to the end who, how much money sold, the domain name will be used, what is speculation.

T.CN is said to be sold to Sina, because media coverage is buyers is "a domestic portal", is used for Sina micro-blog use independent domain name, because Twitter is the first letter T, and engage in domestic micro-blog portal, micro-blog with the domain name T, is the standard argument is T from tinyblog (Chinese name "micro-blog"). How much is the price, is still many, according to the Google that cost millions to enable G.cn to speculate, that is how the mega deal. Although the domain name transaction has been going on for many days, the domain name has not been enabled yet.

and N.cn, the domain name is the domain name broker Mr. Wang Quanfeng (John M network founder) the success of the transaction, transfer to Shanghai okis Network Technology Co., the company name, the transaction price is not clear, the domain name is not enabled, but hung a simple page, the page prompts can also buy this domain name.

for the N.cn domain name, speculation has been the recent fire Zhou Hongyi bought. Of course, what has not been proven is speculation. But the domain name really was he bought down is a good thing, because the Internet gangster buy domain name is generally not hand money, because they are to do a product or launch an important Internet application, the domain name in their hands can truly realize the use value.

single letter domain name is a scarce resource, according to media reports, has enabled: G.cn by Google Chinese enabled K.cn to carry out UF’s "electronic commerce" business, P.cn by a Shenzhen company purchased as cloud computing portal. Microsoft has purchased and used w.cn and 9.cn.

domain name N.cn was registered in 2003, before 2005 National Day, before and after the price of 50 thousand yuan transactions. Domain name T.cn is also registered in March 4, 2006, in the afternoon of 2003, in a QQ group, was traded at 110 thousand price. In a few years, the prices of these domains have doubled. Purely from the investment point of view, the purchase of those scarce, high-quality domain name, whether it is regarded as the king of domain name com, or the current policy impact of the CN domain name, is always the value of the sale. From the point of view of use, the value of a good domain name is the same. As for the policy impact of the CN domain name for more than half a year, policies have attacked malicious speculation and use, which have affected investment, but in turn, the strict policy and management norms can guarantee the investment and use of the CN domain name.

, we can talk about CNTV’s CN and com again. From the point of view of domain name protection, CCTV should buy com, which is consistent with the long-term benefits of CNTV development

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