Thoughts on the future of network promotion and personal career planning

today is the tenth day of my blog, glad to more than 80, single article reviews of course, my reply is included, ha ha. Now I was in my room, quiet, no other chores to do, her sister playing mobile phone, the phone finally finished, well, I think this article is that my views on and understand the network promotion, this is not the experience, I did not experience what I just want to share. To share with you, on the network to promote the occupation and the future development direction of the individual.

I’m in the network promotion soon, although known as the network popularization personnel, but always feel that they are the network to promote the occupation in nominal, not the circle of people to listen to, always feel a bit awkward, if you say is to do network promotion or network marketing, then a little, that is to do electronic business people, the first reaction is, "it is not posted on the Internet, playing such ads?", I usually only embarrassing to answer, yes, if more, people will think is flatter themselves that it is better not to say well, on the whole, it is a little bit of a a little contempt the concept of network promotion this occupation, and some even have a great prejudice, this can not blame them, because after all, do network promotion is advertising, just to see who the skill point.

so, if one is to be engaged in network promotion, what kind of skills need? We can see the recruitment website network promotion to this position, these companies have listed their skills is that you have, some people say that network promotion will become a popular student occupation, said. That prompted the development of electronic commerce enterprises need such talent, with Taobao stores, spawned many related industries, the first demand is the biggest Taobao customer service, Taobao shop decoration, the development of logistics enterprises, is now the boss of the Internet this piece is of considerable importance, you don’t even need to them with what ideas, through their people and things around, be aware of network marketing is very important, especially the search engine, why so many people Baidu is also bidding so expensive original investment, why Taobao keen train to buy keywords, search parties, clear target strong intention orders a greater chance, so, the SEO is also very popular, compared with Baidu PPC, SEO cost is relatively low some, no burn feeling. So, if you’re particularly good at SEO and have relevant success stories and experiences, finding a satisfying job is a relatively easy job.

There are many kinds of

network promotion way, and there are rules but not law, each kind of network promotion, can also be individually developed into a specific skills, for example, you do QQ group promotion, mail promotion, or you can do a special love forum, Forum promotion, if you good at writing soft, can do the professional soft Wen promotion, if you can do the analysis in the data, the database > camp

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