Stop doing nothing but make money


group, in QQ, contact the webmaster, do not talk a few words will ask me, do you stand for what? Why? For the relative part of the webmaster may have only one – is to make money, but just a hobby for me, no need to go to the computer all day trying to ideas how to to make money, in the end, the body is injured, the money did not earn, usually two empty. I have my work, work during the day, come back from work in the evening to update your station, I didn’t mind what ah, ah on the station, people have their own life, now make money on the Internet is very difficult, as their job as money is it more stable? This is all so ha ha ` and for all people, some people love to do that to the station, " crazy " sake, that might one day be able to succeed, because have the right ideas, can stick to it, still have the opportunity.

I remember seeing some posts in the ADMIN5 forum, which is a new webmaster, think of the ADMIN5 Forum Forum connection and get a couple of dollars to buy some connection, but a lot of people to reply, but the content is angry (at least for those new webmaster, it) what " inside Chinese cabbage; " like the answer, the landlord does not understand " " Chinese cabbage; what do you mean, he replies asked: what is the meaning of " " upstairs? The downstairs back: "can only be scolded. How are you asking?… Uh, for new webmaster, can not find the right connection, can only take a little money to buy " " connection, results are also here the wall, this is indeed a heart " on the new webmaster; hit ". Who do the station is open station successfully? I believe few, for those who have little traffic webmaster, how don’t you think? What time do you start? If you are the new webmaster, you meet someone like you, what would you do? Station. People laugh and people cry. For the webmaster now, do stand is poor, good development is more difficult. It’s not just for everyone. Webmaster friend, it’s time to wake up and find a job that suits you. There’s no need to look at those people’s sarcastic remarks. But if you have a heart that sticks to it, I wish you success early.

for those who satirize those new webmaster, you also can not count what, say harsh, you can only be a slave, a slave of money. If the day that you laughed at the irony, small owners beyond you, you find him, do you remember what you said? In the WEB era, we do stand, should be able to understand each other, take care of each other. There’s no need to stop working without money. So what do you mean by living? How about your half life on how to make money on the Internet? Have you ever thought about the people and things around you?

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