The first stage of the grassroots lecture Zhu Weikun talk about the personal webmaster’s way out is

Hello, I’m Zhu Weikun. Very happy today by her invitation to come to share with you, in fact, as an old webmaster, with everyone here to exchange is a very happy thing.

today, I share the theme of personal Adsense development road, most of the people here should be 90, I was 86, in fact, we are 85 years later, the Internet development is more difficult generation. This evening is about personal webmaster, because I am a southerner, more open Shantou’s economy, so from every family has a computer, began to contact the high-tech, but I never play the game, then on the website and the forum more, before it is written more, also introduced a lot of. The future is certainly to change the fate of knowledge, just mention the young and 90 is because now more and more college students, undergraduates and even more avant-garde people have access to the Internet, broke out in early 05 years of the Internet, we 80 this generation are not willing to work for others, want to rely on their own the strength to do, but most of the diploma is relatively low, especially many basically are middle school students, but that time as long as you will you will be able to make money, maybe now we are now on the Internet to see the text, there are a lot of entrepreneurs who graduated from junior high school previously published. For example, Wangzhuan, entrepreneurial experience and how marketing, before we are all with a strength to fight, to explore, to share. We are like-minded, share together to learn to make money on the Internet today, so why I put personal webmaster way by learning, by a knowledge of the change, the whole network marketing now, basically on the Internet, everywhere there is traffic, the question is how you will transform these precise flow. These no points, such as micro-blog and WeChat, before we can through the promotion, SEO can even put any other known as an extended form of marketing, but this is not the future market. More likely, these are now more educated and creative college students, so that competition will become even more intense. For these 90 young people, most have graduation work, but some people still go to school, also means that many people have started to enter the Internet industry in Chaoyang, the foundation is sure to learn.

I am a college student, I used to listen to the elders said, you read so many books, after graduation to a business work, the boss is your classmate, his junior high school began to venture out in real life, such examples are many, so many students are working for junior high school students. The current society, with the development of society, science and technology are constantly updated, so I personally think that talent is sure to start from the basis, not ambitious. But there are a lot of people like a gate with high wages, but they never stand in the angle of thinking, why you I will give you a high salary, give you so big benefits, because you are not the person we are seeking, if we give you this be.

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