Some reflections on pinterest Pinterest wants to build interest maps

has written two (link, link) blogs about Pinterest, and now he’s going to write another one. But this one is a self-criticism of some of the ideas in the first two articles. The reason for my reflection was that I recently discovered that when Pinterest was concerned about a person, the word "Follow All" was used, while "Follow" was used alone when Board was concerned. This makes me a little puzzled.

in my mind, there is actually too much inertia based on SNS. A considerable number of times, when I look in the face of a new social network, not always consciously from the aspects of the relationship between structure and strength of the relationship of analysis (such as < why interest map will > this blog talent shows itself;), but this time, I seem to be wrong.

Pinterest is also a content network called

through this reflection, I come to the new conclusion is: Pinterest is not too concerned about its relationship network, and its most concern is to guide the interests of creating and aggregating the best quality content.

goes further, the interest and relationships on the Pinterest are for content, not the other way around, interest and content for building or maintaining relational services. It tends to be a content network, not a relational network. It is the social responsibility back to Facebook, big difference only in the content, it has no other relationship network to grab jobs. All its efforts, interest or relationship or are only for one purpose only, the purpose is to make the best in the world to see pictures website (rather than the relationship between the core content of the core), and the relationship between it, please feel free to.

Pinterest with Occam’s razor, killed many of the commonly used support function of the network in some relationship with related function only, and network made a strict cutting, such as Follow All and Follow. Pay attention to people, or as a friend, originally is the foundation of social network, but in the Pinterest, when you focus on a person, it is the Follow All button, why would a All? What is the All? Think about it for a bit, you know, you are all about, the following ID (all) Boards (board content), and the button is placed on the data side, rather than the usual social networking sites like on the picture below (person). (see below)


, and its Follow, is directly concerned with a Board alone. In this case, the objects of Follow, All, and Follow are all Boards, and they don’t seem to be back >

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