SEO series optimization scheme for rapidly increasing website traffic

After the summary

I wrote this article. Maybe my optimization method is to optimize the display slight skill before an expert is purely a personal experience, opinions, if wrong please forgive me, quickly improve website dedicated to owners. Some of the old skills still apply (for example, every write new content). In fact, we are in the process of construction site just a little attention to detail, not necessary to do optimization excessive fear, you probably already know, bringing in traffic is not easy to hard labor, choice, is a physical live.

1. Keywords, research, analysis,

What does the

determine what the page provides?. Then determine which words the potential audience might use to search your page and create keywords based on these words. Apply these keywords to the appropriate page (the recommended number is 3 to 5 keywords per page) and start at the top left corner and optimize down. Before you do anything, use the keyword tool to do an extensive survey to see which keywords / words are appropriate for your site. What key words does your direct competitor use? Are there any key words that have market potential? Haven’t you found it? Maybe you can develop another brand new situation,


two. Domain name options

The keyword of the

site determines the choice of the domain name and represents the weight of the keyword domain name. If you want your company name to be branded, then select a domain name that accurately reflects it. Do not use a horizontal bar – and try not to over two two words.

three. Single page optimization scheme

page, when the home page optimization, the keyword distribution in reasonable, an optimization of the internal page article, than your copy hundreds of articles flow more. Your page accounted for the smaller the better KB – especially the home page. Optimize those images so that the page loads faster. Most people and businesses in the West have very fast Internet speeds, but in other countries or mobile phones, they may not be. If your site is loaded slowly, it may have lost visitors before being visited.

four. Rapid growth of external connectivity solutions

1. soft Wen promotion. (the best effect)

2. free form of resources (fastest spread)

3. connections (powerful network)

five.SEO optimization analysis opponent

1. site history, the length of the domain name of the site.

2. site access speed, if a web site access response time is too long, will have impact on search spiders. .

3. domain name with keywords, because the SERP page is the top of the meter or or a page.

4. website included quantity, Alexa ranking, the PR value of the high bottom.

5. website update speed, updated every day or >

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