The latest data on food and beverage industry in 2016

China’s Internet era, the food industry is facing the next turning point, but also to advance into the next cycle of food and beverage industry is not the same as the development cycle. The new era of consumer demand is complex, but in fact it contains unlimited huge innovation space.

if the operator can deep insight into consumers’ pain points, with good potential and creativity in the Internet era, create and lead the consumer tastes and the pursuit of psychology, it is possible to get a lot of wonderful opportunity.

today’s consumers not only like to enjoy the delicious dishes, but also more concerned about the emotional needs of the deep, those who have the temperature, there is a heart, there will be a feeling of the company will be talked about brand.

all industries have become the content industry, the catering industry has become the creative industry "without innovation, or give me death." This is a new feature of today’s catering competition.

2016 in October 31st, O2O combined with Guangdong Province catering Catering Services Industry Association, Guangdong Province group meal industry association in Shenzhen, sponsored by the Internet and creative Chinese catering industry summit, catering O2O founder Luo Huashan shared the 2016 the most recent group catering for large data.

the following is the speech record! In front of high-energy!

2016 years, the latest batch of food and beverage industry data, read the second to understand the future trend of

1.2016 overall food data

2016 years 1-9 months, total food and beverage revenue 25614 yuan, an increase of 11%; social retail consumption of $212868 billion, an increase of 10.3%.

from the trend chart can be seen, the blue columnar chart for 1-9 months of total food and beverage, red food grew by more than Qu Xianyuan green social retail consumption growth curve.

It is worth noting that the two

growth curve reversed in August, that on the one hand to do the second half of the catering business, consumer is transferred to the retail sector; on the other hand, the second half of 2015 this year, a larger increase in food, rational drop.

2. number of restaurants in the first tier cities change

2015 in the second half of a larger increase in food, food and beverage outlets can be seen from the first tier cities, north of Guangzhou Shenzhen six months surged 50 thousand + home.

2016 years 1-9 months, the monthly decline in the fierce competition around 1, rational return of food and beverage investment, the new decline in amplitude.

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