The two leg was K’s heartache experience

Title: Baidu K out of the webmaster

was K out of the site: 1, 2,

built in October 1st,, this station is ready, immediately to Baidu, Google submitted, and know in post bar and other places made a few stickers, also do a few connections, I hope the spider quickly included. 2 days later, Google included 10. The number 15 Google has been indexed for over 20 pages, but Baidu has been silent. (seefoo is a private release station), so I want to estimate that the station has not been included, it has been Baidu K dropped, died in the condom in the child.

is not reconciled. So, and built another station (private search), 1 weeks later one night dream of being included in the Baidu second days, 5 points up, go to the site, and really was Baidu included. Very excited. But the time was 10. 17, that is, 2 days after the release was included, but only more than 10 shows. So start adding keywords and descriptions for the home page. Looking forward to the next update, how many pages can be included?. Keywords can have a better ranking. Hurry to Wednesday, go to know and paste it posted a little stick, added 2 important connections. (when Baidu post found a phenomenon) when I posted the keyword density is higher than a valve when prompted post, need to review. And when the keyword density is low, do not prompt directly to post, so this reminds me of the child who died in the condom.

quickly posted the title, keywords, descriptions and descriptions of the website. Sure enough, prompted posts need to review. So I think this may be not included in the Baidu reasons. The system judges me to cheat. So the key word from the new arrangement. This time, the web site title, keywords and description are also analyzed. Another prompt needs to be reviewed. Decisively change keywords.

but unfortunately, Wednesday’s Baidu update was gone from the result. My analysis is this, Baidu update time than I change the keyword earlier. Baidu included the keyword before I changed the keywords. And that part of the keyword is determined by the system density is too high, so I dropped K. I think this update, Baidu should be able to update to my new keywords change, and re included me.

if you follow this logic,, the child who died in the condom, is also eager to live.

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