Tracking and analyzing S logs can help improve keyword ranking

as a webmaster must learn to analyze IIS log, IIS log analysis will not be a qualified SEOER! Indeed, importance through the practice of several times let me know the initial IIS log analysis. Through the analysis of the IIS log, Baidu gives me back a 404 status code, which shows that the website has many dead links, but I use Adsense tools but could not detect if the dead links exist for a long time and we didn’t try to shield may be causing the site to drop right, therefore, the importance of this it is enough to mention the IIS log. Through the analysis of the IIS log, we found that if Baidu frequented a page, then the keyword ranking of the page must be better than other pages.

of course, the search engine of this move, many factors, such as content richness, update frequency, weight, etc, will attract spiders to a page of Pro gaze. This is also cause some small enterprise website inside the page not be Baidu importance of important reason, since search engine spiders have this hobby, we change not to spider hobby, we can go to adapt to him. To better adapt to the search engine spiders, we must ensure that the following points: first, title, keywords, description description must be Juzhenzizhuo. A good description often contains all the words "title" and "keywords". Of course, from the user experience point of view, we have to be as smooth as possible and be attractive, so as to ensure that there is exposure after the click rate; two, the originality of content. The opponent’s website often points out the direction for us, we can consider imitating the opponent’s keywords and description, and so on, but we must make sure the difference. We should be clear that the opponent is not God, and their keyword selection is not complete, we can according to their understanding of the industry to expand the appropriate keywords. This also fully explains, as a SEO researcher, must learn to tap the industry keywords; three, each page as far as possible to ensure the content difference. From the small and medium-sized enterprise station analysis, many of their products are broadly similar, but in some small or great improvement in one aspect, two kinds of pumps such as my company, GDL is a vertical multistage pipeline pump, the other is a GDLF vertical multistage pipeline pump, pump the two lot very similar, just the product material and efficiency with slightly. These two products can not be released at the same time, therefore, if the product similarity is not artificially intervened, it can reach about 90%.

in order to prevent a similar phenomenon, we usually think of something in a picture to express, such as product performance or product overview can use images, it can reduce the similarity of two pages; four, regularly adjust the content of the page. The product type website can’t be updated regularly, but we can adjust the content regularly every day or every other day, that is, what is commonly known as fine tuned, fine tuned pages, Baidu will usually see

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