The painful choice away from the black hat

saw the disillusionment report the first two days, and the latest feature of Google Reader, which showed a hot recommendation, looked right into my Google Reader.

I usually read blogs without using Google Reader, but with Bloglines, Google, Reader, just as a backup, so I haven’t logged in for months.

logged in to see the hot recommendation, and to tell you the truth, the recommended blog was pretty accurate. There are many I actually subscribe to in Bloglines, or have subscribed before, but for a variety of reasons no longer subscribe, and some occasionally go to see. Most of the list of recommendations is very relevant, and I also know the blog.

according to Google Reader official blog, this function is made by two interns. It reminds me that Google is pretty scary now, because it has a lot of information about a lot of people. I’ve written several posts on this topic before:

Google knows who you are,

Google ranking algorithm into more user behavior patterns

user behavior patterns affect ranking conjecture

personalized search

No evidence of

clear evidence of this, it seems to most science fiction, but who knows what will happen? We are now in use of technology, in 100 years ago, all science fiction. I believe that the amount of information Google has is often more accurate than you know yourself.

what does that have to do with being away from the black hat SEO? The relationship can be big or small. It’s kind of important to me.

is often seen in the stone forum other members about their website included hundreds of hundreds of thousands of pages, but also because there are too few, hundreds of thousands of pages not included. Such a post makes me envious and jealous.

can’t you envy? My personal website is the biggest one. It’s just thousands of pages. I like this in the new network technology website, blog open for more than a year, spent a tremendous effort, now there are many articles just over 300?. And for the rest of my life, I guess I couldn’t make a ten thousand page website.

for me, what a great temptation to collect! The train head opened, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, even millions of pages, easily. I don’t want to taste what it’s like to have a website of this size? Of course. But considering going, I still have to make a painful decision to stay away from collecting grey and black SEO. There are many other black hats or SEO cheats to stay away from.

undeniable, a lot of cheating black hat website rankings have been very good, and some are still good now, maybe will continue to go on. >

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