Discussion on the establishment of new farmers’ Web site

and other agricultural web sites, ten thousand sites, 10 million sites, if not their own thoughts, then, how much money to spend the website the result is the same, here to talk about the establishment of new farmers net (www.xnongmin.com) views and experiences.

1. Correctly understanding network

network is a very modern very advanced information exchange tool, it combines text, pictures, video and other forms in one set, to overcome the many shortcomings of television, newspapers and other traditional media, is an eternal great library information, as the unit leader, should see the advanced nature of the network. How to build a complete agricultural network information base by departments and regional advantages, should be the highest goal of establishing the website every need.

two, site positioning

Before the

website to make clear, the purpose of the establishment of public welfare and profit, the government, enterprise, area, industry type and so on, which have a direct impact on the site after the operation, a website is to find a few people a few pages so simple, you need to have a clear idea of what to know. Is expected to consider combining good practical and advanced, practical and much too far ahead are not successful website. On the basis of good positioning, we can enter the implementation stage in a planned way according to the actual situation.

three, benefit analysis,

benefit is crucial to the survival of enterprises, if the enterprises, especially to establish a service based website, want to through the website to get more profit, it is very important at this time of accounting and feasibility, not Pingganjue to established enterprises, and then to find things to do so or to conduct a feasibility analysis. The result is "leave useless, gesture, pay a lot of tuition, but not to learn something, to earn money. To remind you: the network is a bottomless pit, there are one thousand burning ten thousand.

four, select talent

science and technology people-oriented, whether this is the eternal law?. Now most of the talent is a professional type, complex type and high sense of responsibility personnel rarely, agriculture of network and information is a combination of multi disciplines, more is a systematic project, if there is not a skilled and honest team is unable to find your site in the rapid development of the Internet. The.

five, the specific implementation of

The reason of newspapers and TV can do

because of space and time constraints, can not put all things on the whole, the only quality, while the network space is unlimited, is the network’s fatal weakness, many website into the trash, what all come in, no choice and no key is absolutely not, that spam is a two increase the burden on the server, is unable to let users can not distinguish the authenticity of the information and easily find useful information.

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