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to deal with the electricity supplier giant influx of independent congregation raised platform Gexianshentong

nearly two years, several major domestic electricity supplier has flocked to the public to raise the market. Since 2013, Taobao, Jingdong, Suning have set up all the chips platform. With the electricity supplier giants to join the public raising areas, independent congregation raised platform performance also attracted more attention.

as a pioneer, independent platform to raise public chips into the field of public time is much earlier than several electricity supplier giants. In July 2011, the first to raise public website named time line, marking the beginning of China’s network to raise the public; in September 2011 the first with the public nature of the public to raise the platform Dream online line; November 2011 on-line exchange platform to raise public equity angel……

over the next few years, more and more independent public chips have been launched. In the fierce competition, many of the congregation raised platform and disappeared after the flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, after the baptism of the combat and some other independent congregation raised platform, gradually gain a firm foothold, become able to meet as equals with the electricity supplier giant a force. Such as on-line in February 2013 to raise the public network, which in 2014 on nearly 50 million yuan financing scale and 11% of the proportion of more than Taobao all chips, become the domestic public interest raised, the market is second only to the independent platform raised by all Jingdong.

, but in the context of more and more giant gradually force all chips, the fate of independent congregation raised platform seems to usher in a gateway. Is the electricity supplier giant beat or incorporated? Or rely on the difference competition that keep their own territory? Or with industry to become "outlet" from soaring? Busy market to raise the public, full of variables.

[status] all the chips into innovation, entrepreneurship new "tuyere"

Li Ling is a 7 year old girl’s mother, there is also a 16 years experience in publishing children’s book publisher. April 15, 2015, Li Ling launched in the congregation raised online "come and children’s book mom, together with custom-made colorful window blocks of art" project, with 403% of the completion rate of successful completion of the congregation raised.

this is the second time Li Ling has launched a public raising project. In January, she launched a children’s challenge project with several other children’s educational writers. She successfully published the book "children’s challenges" and held a new book conference.

so-called public chips, refers to the project sponsor to the Internet as a platform to focus the public funds, capabilities and channels for small and micro enterprises or individuals to carry out a project or activities to provide financial assistance financing activities. But a lot of the time, all the chips are not just money.

"actually, I started off looking down on all kinds of chips." In an interview with Nanfang Daily, Li Ling said she initially thought that the target value of the platform was more than $10000, which could be solved by borrowing and lending. But in the children’s challenge, she listened to the advice of other partners and picked up the chips, which turned out to be unexpected

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