How to operate a female community Women do not have much logic to refuse gimmicks

Abstract: from the financing of 100 million in, to the explosion of friends circle of "little red book", and then to more segmentation vertical beauty makeup community, women’s community is becoming a new vertical category, into the public view. Around the female learning, experience and self-awareness, this has become a new pain point in the community.

main point,

1 and in advocate users to focus on the bright side of life and feel their presence in social relationships.

2, for women, shopping doesn’t have so much logic. I like it. I want to buy it.

3, the community is different from tools. It requires cultural tonality and requires a lot of content to settle. What is the difference between the female perspective and the male perspective?

, like sister in, founder of the women’s community, said, "you’ll talk to me about the atmosphere, but a male reporter will ask me what your product structure is, because he doesn’t see it."."

from financing 100 million of the in, to brush friends circle of friends of the red book, and then to more segmentation vertical beauty community, the female community is becoming a new vertical category, into the public view.

was significantly different from the more male biased community. The female community, not heavy structure; care atmosphere and tonality, rather than instrumental feeling; emotional, rather than rational; it is difficult for you to describe the difference in the specific language, but can clearly distinguish, this is low, that’s cool.

revolves around women’s learning, experience, and self perception, which has become a new pain point in the community, but it is often difficult to meet in an integrated community. These demands have spawned new communities – more than 70% users in the world – more than female users of pictures – social networking sites – valued at over $11 billion.

There are also some common

between them: they are not the "explosion" or "gimmick to attract users, in the brand’s early, they also refused to drop the money in the channel or promotion, the propagation path of the core is, through quality content and good relationship among users in the form of word of mouth.

the real need for social relationships is "my presence",

initially heard that in was a friend from a fashion circle. She said, "our company, a little more fashionable girls are playing in."."

opens app, the home page is the editorial recommendation, exquisite hand-painted works, gorgeous scenery, stylish people, street shot, and a well ordered food. Click on a hand reader’s comments at random. Many users leave a message below. "I like you". "You paint very well."".

seems to have helped many lonely artists to express themselves, according to in, the founder’s sister in water. For example, Hongkong hand-painted teacher PI Zhong, before he and the crowd exchange way is to sell paintings, in in, he by sharing his creative process gathered a group of >

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