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is now in 2008 May, I graduated from the day is getting closer, four years from an average student can only use word typing, became the school inside the network celebrity, from one month to the home to 300 of the cost of living, fixed income more than 1000 per month, never sensible to sensible, only four years, and all this change from 2004, had just entered the university gate about.

a day before the college entrance examination, I was on the playground of the school and high school football, a whole afternoon in June, the day is very hot, but I did not notice that ran, ran back home. Take a shower and eat and sleep. I know that tomorrow the university entrance exam, for I know that tomorrow China students means that the twist of fate, the beginning of a dream or a dream came to an end, and I stood in the starting point. The announcement day, what I have no special feeling, no thought, was admitted, a good two of the University, well, I am an ordinary person but on my website, University is destined to become an extraordinary person.

remember, it was the winter of 2004, the snow is very big, Internet cafe heating station overflowing, very warm, we finally know love to Internet cafes, I did not break the Internet emperor to play the game, but very exciting to see the production site of the relevant knowledge, I know that the original website through search to use this tool to know the language to have the server, domain name —- all knowledge gathered in my mind, I decided to learn web production, my idea is very simple, I learned this skill can add weight to the competition maybe after I graduated from, but the fact is the case, I now in the network company internship, do the work of the website is.

after I began to buy books, the Internet, to the tutorial a, slowly familiar with the HTML language, slowly from the first table, to the first link, like a spider like a net, so woven out, is also good, although relatively ugly, but I cross out a solid step. Then began the school Photoshop, I know this is the web page of absolute tool, there is no way, also from the beginning of a tutorial, start slowly and slowly began to familiar, familiar with ———

so, I went to the big imperceptibly, second, now make "has been very beautiful, this is the concept of structure", draw the outline of the level, and then began to use Photoshop to do, then the effect of the whole "and" cut, editor, gorgeous ", I secretly admire a, I enjoyed alone, I am very sad watching, I know that I have what is wrong. Www.dangran.net www.bairan.net

yes, the web is not a vase for yourself, nor is it a pile of books

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