Five suggestions cast valuable articles on the website

there are many articles on the Internet today, but there are few real useful things. This is why Baidu advocates originality, the purpose is to promote every site has a certain value. But there are still many webmaster, every day is the original writing, but still can’t get any Baidu trust. Why is that? Then I’ll tell you what should I pay attention to when writing original article:

first, organize content according to user needs


may be a lot of people will be upset, no material, how to write articles, can only casually make an article. Xiao Bian think, if so, you might as well update frequency drop, and then good to organize content. This is like you do nothing every day, tired of the effect of obvious. In fact, there are many sources, and you can find the type of question and answer type in your industry. Like small words, write web site optimization related content, often to search outside the SEO basic ideas, consultation section inside, looking for material. Because there are questions about user needs, and if you happen to know exactly how to solve the problem, then you can make an article out of him. If you do not know and want to know, then you can pay attention to this problem, and take the initiative to ask more people, so it will slowly accumulate experience, experience, no longer afraid of writing articles.

second, typesetting better, otherwise directly affect the user’s first sensory experience

if you go to a blind date, then you don’t pay attention to dressing up and sloppy, then the first impression will not be good. The website also is such, if you an article dense words together, then call who see, will have a headache. So who’s going to put up with a headache and finish it? The idea is to just close your page right away. Here I suggest if you don’t think a typesetting, can go to the station there and see how they are typeset, since it can also be from the imitation of ascension.

third, try to add more value to the article,

for some of the more technical questions, the answer, if simply through the text of the expression solution, usually not so easy for users to understand. If this time you are through the combination of words and expressions, then take it for granted that more people will quickly absorb. Small frequently encountered such problems, when he encountered a problem, ask Baidu, can Baidu are provided some text, no picture, no video, sometimes it is difficult to find the functional expression in the text, let yourself feel painful. This not only brings more headaches to users, but also wastes valuable time of the user, which is fatal for the user experience.

fourth, the article should be standardized writing

usually, an article 500 words can be expressed, not user 700~8>

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