Goodbye Beijing Olympics

it seems that these ten days have passed quickly, and soon the closing ceremony has come. Although many of us are not able to be on the scene, how much can we feel in a variety of media?.

no matter how wonderful our country may be, we will make history and write a better chapter for the future. So, here, I ask myself and all of us have Internet Army:

bye, Beijing Olympics. Are we ready,


prepared for the Beijing Olympics, we expected a lot and did a lot. Because of the Internet, the Olympic Games have become more popular and more popular among the people. It is precisely because of the Olympic Games, so that the characteristics of the Internet can be fully brought into play, let us network community to see their career magnanimous "money" scene.

so, you see my colleagues in this passage, have you worked out the next work plan? I hope we all have the habit. Here is my plan for my work:

(borrow from the last part of my "one man’s Olympics, one’s company"), I no longer use too many words to my present situation.


first: website infrastructure (in order to adapt to the development of Web sites to increase the space capacity of the site has been done.). To make the site more user-friendly, adjustments are made to the design details of the site layout and navigation.


second: the core content of the site (around the core content timely supplement more relevant content, in "Million Book Reading" and "million dollar baby" "game; perfect" LOGO Lianliankan game "; further improve the" hundred million "repository of members the function of knowledge and knowledge management business to subject function.


third: the problem diagnosis of the website (the first, second, after the implementation, the use of online related tools to do the necessary problems of the site diagnosis, timely discovery and modification, the most important thing is prevention.


fourth: the promotion of the website (of course, thanks to Admin5 webmaster network), here you can learn a lot of promotion.


fifth: Company staffing (hiring 1-2 web site maintenance personnel, must be clear about their work, not just waste of company resources.


sixth: company funds allocation (more funds to update website content and function and promotion website).


seventh: setting goals for the next 4 months (PV and IP to increase in geometry);

when we are busy with one thing, suddenly stop and think, what we do, what do we do? We may have this awareness, but we do it! Even a little bit to do


finally, I’d like to say, "good bye, Beijing Olympics, London, bye bye, we are ready!"

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