Blog site will master ten classic skills

blog where members can only talk with words to express their heart, for our webmaster, produced many original articles, so it will easily so blog program more and more by the majority of owners love more and more love to build their own blog, however, when the construction of blog. We have to pay attention to the following points, so as not to let their blog users dislike.

: the first spam message or comment in Advertising: whether a blogger or read blogs, everyone wants to see the message and comment on some blogs objectively, but others like rubber plaster as a copy of spam, really hate, it has been called a "pollution" online.

second: abuse others: some people love to provoke a war in the blog, some people love to engage in some disputes in the comments or messages, but if in abusive manner, although it may attract many spectators, but most people still feel kind of abuse is no grace show.

third: slander others: whether bloggers, or look at the blog comment and, in any case, slander others is either a normal person can bear, no wonder some already depressed terrified Choi Jin Sil because the network slander and Dutch act, it is no wonder that South Korea will because of Choi Jin Sil’s death and set about "the network slander crime" law.

fourth: exposure to the privacy of others: exposure of their privacy is voluntary, exposing the privacy of others is infringement, even sometimes cited some published information on the network, will be caused by the violent discontent, not to mention a lot of exposed information is not public privacy.

fifth: the long and smelly unsegmented: apparently, blogs people love that short, clear layout for the blog, and not love a long and minute statement paragraphing, perhaps written for people who write that someone, but to see people see, feel dizzy dazzled. I suggest that the article be divided into sections and give more headlines.

sixth: use civilized language message: Although the expression sometimes some people want some vent or other ideas online, but people don’t usually see love is not the language of civilization, civilization, the more will use the statement to express some dissatisfaction or a different point of view, the more people will feel the view of weight vice versa.

seventh: the content than the short title: sometimes see a good title, want to go to see what good content, results in the discovery after the only hasty words, even shorter than the title of the post, perhaps the author want to see people to a surprise, but see people often have to be made fun of feeling.

eighth: gun draft (advertising to others): sometimes the blog itself, sometimes is a comment or message, apparently to a company or brand banner, the majority of such cases will be hate, so even if you do view clearly support a brand, or not to.

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