How to make an excellent network editor

is a network of editors, designers and builders of website content, through the network information collection, classification, editing, review, and then released to the worldwide Internet users through the Internet, and through the network from Internet users receive feedback information, interact. Network editing refers to the personnel who use relevant professional knowledge and modern information technology, such as computers and networks, to undertake the construction of Internet website content.

network editor, is the soul of the website, the survival and development of a good network of editors directly affect the site, how to do a good network coding? How to rely on this occupation family? How to earn a good salary package to develop their own? How to achieve self value in this occupation? A good network of editors, I personally think that must have of the content of news collecting and editing ability, at the same time also must grasp the network marketing ability, also is to optimize the spread of knowledge of our daily said.

first of all, a good network editor must have the ability to collect news content. With the rapid development of the Internet, the website is also gradually moving towards specialization, differentiation, we face every day a huge amount of information in the Internet, which is the orientation of the website? Useful information from where to get? Due to national policy, not all stations have news release rights. At present, most domestic commercial website does not yet have since taken news right, therefore, as a network of editors, we have to collect in the Internet, sorting out the information we need, therefore, excellent editors must know how to use search engines, how to use RSS and other information tools.

secondly, excellent network editors must have the ability to edit news content deeply. Network editors face a lot of information which is flooded with the Internet. In the eyes of ordinary people, we have to face the embarrassment of copying and pasting. But don’t look down on the most basic copy and paste". The establishment of the knowledge structure of people, like building a building, a brick base slowly piled up, can see the building. Without this basic base of bricks, you can’t appreciate the essence of news. When you paste the news more, You’ll see. which is good news, which is junk news, which can be a series of news, news which can track the paste, which news did not report on the idea, whether you consider replacing it with a better title. If you think of the news in the event of a disclosure event that you dare to integrate several news. When you think an event really matters, then you should think about a project and sort it out. To this point, you have learned how to process, organize, and even innovate.

The intensive processing of

news seems simple, but in fact it is the most learned. Said a little shallow including the organization and content of the form of organization, namely the interface design reasonable, special news program and reasonable planning, on the one hand, the integration of the current news, on the one hand, strive for originality. In the long run, >

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