How do sell DC earn 5 thousand yuan per month

how do I sell IDC earn $5 thousand a month, what I said in the sales process, often have such a feeling: I know this is a prospective customers, but because of limited capacity, not enough to allow customers to purchase transactions, especially regret.

I think a lot of salespeople will feel the same way. In a company, a very capable salesperson can only do a few visits a month, and a salesman who has a weak ability does not have much performance for a month. It can be seen that ability is very important to sales, and it is the core competence of sales staff.

recalls the experience of his own sales, the fastest two stages in the first three months and a year or so. In the first three months, the ability to improve very quickly because of a good attitude, studious, poor foundation. In a year or so, the ability to improve very quickly, because the work intentions, understanding of a number of sales secrets. But I also have a long period of experience in which I am able to improve very slowly. If the salesperson can’t get the promotion for a time, I think there are four aspects of the problem.

first, bad mentality, can not go out of the habit of the past. This means someone who has just joined the sales team. Many colleagues leave for a month or less, and these people are not ready to sell their minds. They feel relatively hard sales, sales do not decent, the psychological can not afford to be rejected by customers, can not come out from the previous habits. Sales are also in employment pressure, helpless choice, ability will naturally not be promoted quickly. If you can’t change the environment, you have to adapt to the environment, otherwise you will be eliminated by this environment. The same applies to airborne forces, many of which fail because they are out of tune with the corporate culture and are not suited to the new work environment.

second does not like what he does, and he is very confused about his future. After my initial passion and passion, I began to doubt my job. Because I met a lot of customer refused, begin to doubt their own products, doubt their own company, suspect that their work has no value, feel that their future is very confused, working enthusiasm is not high, the ability to naturally improve quickly. Fortunately, the supervisor discovered the problem in time and helped me adjust quickly.

third, lack of concentration, often distracted by trifles. After working for a period of time, I feel a lot of things are repetitive, I also have a little work experience, the work is less focused. For example: visiting customers is always the previous routine, no sense of innovation. When a customer refuses or fails to understand, he feels that it is a customer problem and rarely improves himself. And often take life in the mood to work, a lot of personal chores and distract me. The state of work is very bad, so that my ability to upgrade very slowly.

fourth, no confidence in himself, dare not to break through. When I’m a new person, I often bring my supervisor or experienced colleagues to visit clients. Because I think I’m inexperienced, afraid of good customers talking about running

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