Local websites are the most promising

on the Internet, tens of thousands of different kinds of websites. As large as 163, Sina and other portals, small to hao123 and other navigation sites. It involves all aspects of people’s lives. There are shopping websites, game websites, news websites, dating websites and so on. Where there is demand, there is market.

‘s website is now near saturation, and there are plenty of them. The Internet has left us less room to play.

so we have to move on.

yes, you have the money, the ability to make a website, we have no money, no ability. But can do small station, local station,


as a result of the vast land of the motherland, the formation of various provinces and cities, regions. Customs and styles vary from region to region. Therefore, it has advantages and a good prospect to be a local station with local characteristics. 163 you have money, you do big, we have no money, we will do local station, do him fine, do well. Still rich,


, for example, a Peixian forum in northern Jiangsu is a good local forum, because Peixian is located in the less developed areas of northern Jiangsu, where there are fewer people and the network is not very developed. I think the webmaster is likely to watch the future prospects, so we can engage in such a forum, I checked it in Baidu, Peixian still have a range of such local forum, can be said to be a good time for


local station, the advantage is obvious. Resources, material, just around us. Moreover, the general people have fellow villagers, home feelings inside. In the major forums, we often see, some people looking for fellow posts. So, local websites are cohesive, and users turn back. Moreover, the understanding of their hometown, it is not difficult to sit up, but also often engage in some offline activities, and increase the popularity of the site. If you have the ability to work with some local Internet cafes, companies and other mutually beneficial cooperation, why not?

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