The nternet is not just a station to persevere

wrote an article the day before yesterday, < 5 years of doing station experience > actually passed in A5. Under glad. Then continue the experience release. Last time I was talking about it, when I was 2, I made my first personal stop in 2005, and I was awake for the station. I started thinking that I had found a way to make a living, and that I could open a new world on the Internet via the web. At that time, the major was e-commerce. It’s called the top 10 majors in 2006. Later, I know, TMD this hot, like title in the hot keywords, will never turn to you.

I write this also does not have other meaning, still feel stationmaster is good also, the technology is good, CTO also should have persistent patience and super study ability. In 2006, because of the link cheating, my movie and TV exchange station was blocked. Now, when you’re bored, you can see the shadow of the 2005 in the back of the clock website. The website is not released. I’ll see for myself. Hey hey ~ later went to Beijing, do network sales. That time just know a webmaster left the website, what is not. Work is actually selling refrigerators, air conditioners and things like that online. That kind of stuff is hard to sell. It’s not guaranteed and the price is so big. Who wants to buy it?. Because it is introduced, and not enough to feed their own money, but also to see the face of people everywhere.

‘s fierce day dawned on him. (this is probably what everyone says at a particular stage.). I think that life should not be like this, if it so I might muddle along without any aim. Then began to work during the day, at night, desperately closed in the black room inside to read technical books. From Win2003 systems to services, from Linux to FreeBSD to AIX, from sql.mysql to oracle. Anyway, I don’t know. I’ll see. Read, with that unique net worth of broken computer began to practice, again and again two times, three times, often boil until 2.3 in the morning. While watching, summing up while planning, may be raised at that time the problem, until now is still a summary of the day’s day, and then planning their future. I told my good friends now that if I had this project, I would have planned it all before I was 35. Of course, the plan never changes quickly. But with this life outline, bottom of my heart. At the same time, learn more, know more, communicate more, just know a lot of things, and doing the same interesting website.

the final effort was not in vain. I left the station. Become technology. 1 years later, I got the certificate. I quit my job and came to Shanghai. The first job I got was idc. The work is still simple and tedious. It’s nothing more than handling the order of the virtual host, or configuring several servers manually. At that time, I still go to work every day and take the time to start studying the network. Then start learning more deeply. I regret not having learned much about art and programming. Ha-ha。 In the first company, in fact

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