The higher the charge the happier the customer the pricing from a different perspective


in September 21, 2012, this article was published on the blog by Patrick, and the conversation audio version was downloaded —

Hello, I’m Patrick, maybe this name is not very familiar with you, I’m more famous online, the nickname is Patio11, I’m a software developer. After several years of software development, the company then runs a consulting firm, mainly to help software companies grow their performance and satisfy their users.

today we talk about the pricing of the thing, for all interested in the freedom of occupation, consultants, and the field of software development company people, this needless to say, all know how important. It is very easy to fall into the vicious competition of price war, and we want to talk about today is the one that you tend to ignore the truth, a truth that is able to withstand heavy battering, "we price higher, customers are more happy". To explain the ins and outs of the whole explanation, I invited my friend Ramit Sethi, a best-selling author of the New York Times. I made an interview with him on the radio and recorded it. After that, I arranged it as a manuscript, and I added some comments and comments to share with you. I hope we can grow up together.

below is an interview transcript:

(Ramit Sethi, referred to as R)

(Patrik McKenzie short for P)

P: Hello everybody! I’m Patrick McKenzie, I’m a small software developer, developing a range of software, and I’ve been in the service business for six years. At the same time, I also run a consulting firm. I’m here today, along with my friend Ramit Sethi, to talk about pricing. Come on, Ramit, and say hello to everyone, too,


R: Hello everyone, I’m Ramit Sethi. Say hello to everyone here. I’m the founder of (I’ll show you how to become a rich web site). On the New York Times list, I also have a best-selling book of the same name. I studied psychology and the mechanics of persuasion. I teach people to dig up some rules and use them to change themselves and other people’s behavior. To learn all this is equivalent to the snowball growth you can make. In freelancing, earning more money in a more skillful way may be something that many people dream of, and to make it bigger, is to help you find your dream job.

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