The number of webmaster increases sharply seize the webmaster need to grasp the opportunity

rapid development of the Internet, coupled with the former CN domain name 1 yuan activities, so that the number of webmaster surge. More and more netizens change into stationmaster, so stationmaster kind website also follows growth. When you write an article, boarded a large home, then a few days of being reproduced, you will find that reproduced, there are quite a few webmaster webmaster webmaster for website! I feel that there is a space for development, but as a webmaster site, need how should the terms.

is the need to locate unique, in line with the needs of the webmaster. When the owners need to discuss, laggards forum appeared, a success; when the owners need third party intermediary transactions, stationmaster net transaction intermediary appeared, a success; when the owners need to do map, I dragnet appeared, successful, when the owners need to query tool, I love you there, a success; when I do not know the direction of the novice webmaster,, equally amazing. Therefore, to do a webmaster class website, it is best to according to the station needs to unique positioning.

two is the experience of construction of webmaster website, I feel the need in the webmaster mixing time, until you have the experience, familiar with the webmaster this kind of characters, or you even don’t know what the owners need is what, how to do? As far as I know, graph king before the establishment of network owners have two years experience site.

three is a technology, now too many webmaster website, want to break out to have special skills, of course not necessarily webmaster have the technology, such as team and technical personnel. For example, you can do software, then make a set of the most powerful webmaster tools, then add a link in this software, on the basis of the number of users, I think the effect will be very good. Another example, you will write articles, write a lot of original articles for publicity, long-term adherence to, not only the webmaster likes, search engines also like. If your website is only a site established by CMS, and only the articles that have been reprinted will not be unique, then what is the competition?.

four is the need for contacts, you do not have to know the well-known, as long as the webmaster, are recommended to understand. Good contacts can give you the construction of webmaster class website bring great help, for example, Guo Jijun connections is very good, his webmaster real SNS is also very fire, the reason is self-evident. Combined with the above second points, old webmaster regardless of experience, contacts, than novice webmaster have advantages.

five is the promotion, whether there is a fast and effective grasp of website promotion out? Whether can promote fast than the opponent? If there is high PR site links support? Whether to understand the search engine optimization? Whether to understand through advertising, through the software, through the hype, through the soft Wen promotion? Is there a considerable number of webmaster friends to help you promote human whether you can understand? How to promote the website brand? These are to be considered, even that must be considered in


I only think of the above five points at the moment. Welcome to add. Here are two examples to illustrate the above five points.

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