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, the success of a hao123, made a dizzying war of war. Suddenly, like a spring breeze, the city is full of " the biggest web site in the country, ". Then, some people integrate new ideas, refine the route, the local website, the industry website station has mushroomed everywhere, all walks of life, all walks of life.

, Baidu’s acquisition of hao123, Google’s acquisition of 265, whether the traditional web navigation war is over. However, the battle for the user’s desktop is still fierce. Where is the next battleground? In addition to desktop software and Web2.0, I think it’s a good starting point.

Web2.0 era network is an open platform, open things just like a Pandora box, which is loaded with unlimited mystery, waiting to explore, there is no end. As far as thought is concerned, how far will we live in the Internet?. Grasp the needs of users and wonderful ideas, will always be a blade, and constantly create miracles for our endless internet.

has always felt that personal website navigation will be the focus of the next user desktop, so very interested to spend some effort to do a similar site.

recently noticed that NetEase has also launched personal personalized home page service, time to trace forward, recall 3721 of Chinese Internet exit network, also marks the era of 3721 completely become history. All of a sudden, I wonder how big this market is. Do not know the intention of 3721 quit, or is it just because the transformation of Chinese Internet navigation service failed to test the water?.

may be optimistic that this cake is too small for a big company and that it’s enough for a small personal site. So these days, I’ve been looking at websites that offer personal web site navigation services, and study their utility, user experience, and some of the highlights.

The first is

some time ago has just won $3 million good nets, go shopping for a circle, the first feeling is a full Web2.0 web site, the overall utility is not strong, but it can be seen that the trend is towards the SNS community development, so for a small website reference is not many.

again, that’s iGoogle, and although I’m Google’s loyal fans, I admire Google’s technical power and creative ideas. But for Igoole, first of all, I think its interface design is not in line with the Chinese people’s aesthetic, but this is also a common problem in all foreign Chinese stand, perhaps this is the embodiment of the cultural gap between China and the west.

finally talk about the way home services at their personality view, it provides the first content acceptable, practical. The interface design is more humane, but also the integration of the NetEase mail service, it seems from my point of view as a similar service site, is perfect, and if I were a user, I will immediately.

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