Summarize 7 ways to get the original article

the content of the article is the soul of the website, the website will also highlight the core content of the original, SEO industry often "content is king, the chain for the emperor" say, visible original content plays a vital role on the website. Many sites have not been included, most of which are related to the quality of the content of the site. Those collected and pseudo original articles, for the search engine is very unfriendly, it is difficult to be included is also reasonable. Then, what are the ways and means to get the original articles? The following 7 aspects are introduced and summarized.

1, write


for the regular writing people, this is not difficult, according to their own imagination into the theme of the site, in the writing process of the extended thinking as far as possible some of the website and related content into creation, this article written is a high quality of the original article for the website. But for those who can’t write it, is a headache, but as a webmaster, it is necessary to write, if not write, can see what others write, then imitate the practice every day, a long accumulated, I believe will produce high quality original articles to.

2, QQ space article extract

we all know, QQ space articles, Baidu is not included, and many are QQ users original. In this case, we can make good use of it (this is a "loophole"). The specific method is: search have a blog search function, the specific address is not made, the Internet to find very easy to find, select the option "QQ space" in the search and you related theme word, then search out of the inside of the space is QQ articles, and then find your site related articles a section on Baidu search to see is not included, if not, Congratulations, you can get the original articles.

3, Taobao forum for

this is similar to QQ space. It’s also a small "loophole". Baidu site about Taobao BBS will know, only included in the Taobao BBS home page only. So, Taobao BBS inside the Baidu is not included, and then go to the forum to find related posts copied in the post a in Baidu search look have included, if not, it can be as original articles to use. But this method and QQ space article extract operation is more complicated, because many articles will be The early bird catches to rob, but careful comparison or can find part of the search.

4, VIP forum get

many permissions, VIP forums inside the quality of the article is very high, and if these articles for you to use, I believe the effect is self-evident. Part of the VIP forum article in search engines is also not search, of course, this method needs to register as BBS VIP members, you can see.

5, electronic >

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