On behalf of the grassroots say the voice of A5

once inadvertently strayed, let me come into contact with the A5 station of this platform, to tell the truth, the first time to enter the A5 forum, I was shocked, the speed from the forum program, and style, atmosphere and environment, makes me feel very comfortable!

first entered the A5 forum, its unique atmosphere, clean communication environment, all make me relaxed, had been several times Chinaz station, where people feel particularly, at the same time, the environment is also very complex, a variety of mixed advertising with what the whole forum, to tell the truth, I go the Forum is to send some commercials and stuff, come to A5, who is also very much, but I have a quiet, warm feeling of home,


after that, basically I’m A5 empty, although didn’t what technology, but in the A5, my first exposure to the website SEO, though, my SEO knowledge is not learned here, but then I saw that in the seowhy Forum 1: you will be grateful to the media Shaoxing who you learn SEO! After reading this sentence, my mind is A5, because I see the knowledge in A5, then, should I didn’t go to school, it is A5 to guide me to SEO, so I want to thank A5 here, thank you give me the


in the A5 forum, I most love the blocks, than in the area, here have not only daily news, there are also some good site experience some webmaster hair, there are some funny pictures, attracted me the most or Thursday version, and a daily review, of course, there are not regular T floor


is waiting for you on Thursday, I most look forward to. Because, by A5 please come to the guests are something in the network Master, or is on a network of successful people. We usually like this, these grassroots can speak to him, but not in A5, can ah! Can not only can ask them some knowledge, you want to know the truth, with such a man, asked a few questions, than you a few months or even years to understand the network

!A review of the

daily, is what I have learned in most places, because in daily review site, are more or less there are some defects, and, as the saying goes: look on the clear Those closely involved cannot see clearly.,! Their own website may not know that they have so many defects, however, so many webmaster comment each person, say a few words, this site is a problem, be worth the webmaster slightly summary direction is clear, the future development will be the site of many smooth, but I was in these comments in the text, learning a lot! Hope, the grassroots webmaster, have more time to talk zone around, good, especially for the novice grassroots


isn’t the regular T building activity the most exciting. What about T? The prizes are rich, sometimes cash, sometimes hosting, and sometimes domain names. These are me

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