Once into the Lake Road lifelong without turning back

time is like flowing water. It dies silently, and looks back on the past. It has nothing to do with it.

yesterday, I wasted a lot of youth, it is a so opinionated and true mood of the youth, there is laughter, there are tears, vigorous also have sweet decadence, but also absurd, confident and confused, I am sensitive, I am paranoid, I am stubborn of pretending to be strong I, easily hurt others, but also easily hurt by others, I pursue happiness in the decadent, revel in the beauty of loneliness, I believe that life will be out of the ordinary, change because of me.

sighed tonight, I wake up to the fact that he is no longer young, or not in my future is unlimited, in fact, it has never been infinite, once in a moment, I think oneself grow up, one day I finally found the meaning of desire and grew up in addition to courage and strong, and some have to sacrifice in the face of life, I was a child, I never grow up, do not know how to love and be loved……

what is a dream? In short, the dream is to find something to do when you’re full. I thought myself very cow X, bovine X to use the network to change the habits of Internet users, the cattle X give users provide a convenient way of life, even to cattle cattle X donghonghong, however, single handedly, but can not change the pattern of the potential. While you are looking for something to do, you must fill your belly first.

what is love? When Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, this topic has got people talking, but has not discussed it, but I certainly could not escape the catastrophe, ordinary people, however, have developed a common heart. Let nature take its course,

about the parents? A few days ago, and I had a long chat on the phone, from everyday things to the matter of family choice, no theme, go speak generally, Trinidad mother worries, the original words Chinese introduction is so broad and profound, is his lifelong parents thousands and thousands of words, creditors, even if the clock time, parents it is difficult to repay the kindness. My parents always take me as their hands in the palm, meat, as their only son, sometimes pretty guilty, as a parent, they only hope now is to want to get married, but unfortunately, at this time I site to attract me more than my girlfriend.

on the site? Cross century officially entered the Internet, never look back, although not network Laoniao, but also is experienced and witnessed the Internet situation changes, of course, I also followed every network changes, although not rich, but also accumulated some resources and contacts. 08 years, give up all, all the resources and energy into the local station in the industry, although the outlook is not very optimistic, but remember that the hearts of the grand ideals, lofty or network localization, network of civilians, to the principle of mutual benefit to go into the hearts of every one. Henan network is located in Henan city’s local consumer e-commerce

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