Tencent buys Kang Sheng can make stationmaster income diversification

August 23, 2010, China most service users of Internet enterprise and Tencent Inc China software platform and the largest community service provider Comsenz (Comsenz) jointly announced that the two sides have reached a purchase agreement, Comsenz will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Tencent, with the transaction will be completed in the near future. According to the domain name service Whois information display, comsenz.com, discuz.net etc. all Comsenz domain has all the transfer of Tencent


cited content:

Domain Name……… Comsenz.com

Creation Date…… … 2004-03-04, 20:10:04

Registration Date… 2004-03-04 20:10:04

Expiry Date……… 2012-03-04 20:10:04

Organisation Name… Tencent, Technology (Beijing), Company, Limited

, Organisation, Address., Haidian, District, Beijing, Haidian, Street, Yinke, Building, 1601-1608

Organisation Address.

Organisation Address. Beijing

Organisation Address. 100085

Organisation Address. BJ

Organisation Address. CN

Why buy

Tencent is Kang Sheng? Before the rumors forced? Obviously not, the Tencent and the acquisition of Kang Sheng will be in before rumors have been negotiated, but the so-called hearsay is aroused the concern and speculation, so that the entire acquisition of FengFengGuangGuang, about why the acquisition of Tencent with vigour and vitality! Kang Sheng, here are some personal views only offer


: to pat caifutong, Tencent began to learn Ma Yun, has been to understand their thoughts to imitate the Tencent is far better than the horse a seer, Ma Yun to Taobao plans to acquire discuz rival PW to get the local entrance, with Taobao is run by Tencent owned pat Network and caifutong, the so-called Tencent has been keeping them, although I don’t expect to super.

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