Stand in China’s position the choice of Baidu or Google

webmasters on many websites may have a lot of feelings about this topic. Maybe they’ve all experienced the experience of being a Baidu K station,


, now I’m publishing my personal opinion about search engines,

one, stand in Baidu’s position,

The benefits of

1 and Baidu


now basically has become netizens search engine known to every family, very powerful, is the first to search the web, MP3, picture to the current development of video search and so on, and now introduced a lot of very practical content, such as Baidu, Baidu know Post Bar and so on, it can be said that Baidu’s prospects are very good, very the development potential of

The disadvantages of

2 and Baidu


Baidu is very strict on many sites, the K K today, tomorrow that.. of course, my station was K off…… I’m not…… only for Baidu K station… Baidu’s main revenue basically comes from the Baidu PPC, I think many webmaster in their website developed slowly then, have a certain flow, many people have received the Baidu phone, you are requested to attend Baidu PPC, if you refuse, probably in the near future in Baidu can not find your own site! Of course, I also support Baidu, it is also of course fees in order to survive, but Baidu the life so important to us? The above Baidu in the capital of 50% from the United States investment. If Baidu in China earn 10 dollars, I think there should be at least more than 5 dollars to pay for the Yankees. Listen to me. The home of these What do you think? Of course, don’t worry about it. Let’s take a look at my personal evaluation of Google

two, stand in Google’s position,

let me do the evaluation on Google, I really can not say what, the domestic netizens on Baidu estimates are more optimistic about the Google search style is suitable for foreign countries, compared with Baidu is of course but can say each one has its own merits, Google is a free search engine, and do not like Baidu and time. The K station is also less. But many people also use Adsense Chinese GG ads, also brought a collection of very good, but standing in the China position, choose Google or equal to support foreign


in fact, in my opinion, Baidu is really rubbish, if you are a webmaster, web site is not included, if you put a few of the Ali Mama advertising, Baidu will know the disadvantages! Because they have their own advertising service

thinks about Google again. Although I have a good opinion of Google, it is still a

as a foreign search engine

in the final analysis… Using them, the two search engines are not brilliant,..

you think? If I’m right, trouble next, say no, don’t call me

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