Vertical B2B website looking for steel network bulk commodities can also do B2B electricity supplier

do steel website, the past train of thought is to study upstream, buy advertising, sell members. Looking for steel networks exactly the opposite, study downstream services downstream. Wang Dong found that, in fact, 70% of the goods are bought by small buyers, four or five years ago when the steel seller’s market, these small buyers can only be taken goods strong intermediary peeled a layer of skin. Looking for steel mesh is positioned around the industry, the smallest particle buyers, to become their entrance.

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Wang Dong Thurman, wearing ordinary striped T-shirt, relaxed demeanor, naive. Around the staff said he was loose inside, even if there is a big thing happened, the steel network founder is a happy look.

business for three years, looking for steel total transactions exceeded 90 billion yuan, and set off start-ups B2B electricity supplier in the field of agricultural products, wood, plastic, and other commodities in the field of many entrepreneurs in the crazy imitation steel B2B business model.

in January 21st this year, looking for steel net announced a $100 million D round of financing. The money, Wang Dong will be how to spend? "If not to sell for the purpose of business is bullying." Wang Dong told the Chinese entrepreneur.

There is a word

Wang Dong desk right in front of the wall on the top of the sparse: far, the will then go into Wai sheng. "Qijing" this sentence gave him great inspiration, but also is the essence of his three years of entrepreneurial strategy.

weiqi, known as "wooden Fox", must change its connotation and not only test intelligence, but also reveal profound Zen flavor. As a go enthusiast, Wang Dong is a business that likes to stay away from competitors and to win by chance. Especially in the face of two important enterprises choice: match whether or not to pay; only to do match or part-time self, the most obvious.

early in 2012, Wang Dong and his colleagues Rao Huigang, Wang Changhui co founded to find steel network, trying to match the demand and supply of steel through the internet.

at that time, with the end of the four trillion stimulus, the steel trade credit crisis because of a large number of bankruptcy, steel overcapacity, oversupply, Wang Dong think this is the best time to solve the industry pain points through the Internet, "any one industry through the manufacturer to the service provider, will become a big business." Xue Zi this sentence has a great influence on Wang Dong.

January this year, Wang Dong came to Beijing, and Xu Xiaoping while eating Yangzhou master steamed buns, chatting. 20 minutes, the steamed stuffed bun finish, Xu Xiaoping wiped his mouth and said: "Wang Dong, Liu Qiangdong, steel Jingdong can."." Less than a month, the real fund of 5 million yuan hit the net to find the account. Finally, Wang Dong got the 10 million Angel round of investment Xianfeng Huaxing and fund it real cast.

"1000 universal? What?" I began to do information only, and far from providing some information services, no one would defend me." The first two years, Wang Dongxian put the outside layout, and attracted the order. When the layout is complete, clinch a deal

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