Online activities can not rely solely on smashing money arouse the enthusiasm of users is king

in the operation of the site in the process, to stick to the user in addition to our site has good interaction and content, timely and appropriate to do online activities is inevitable. Whether your website theme is food, tourism, shopping guide, electricity supplier and so on, if we can use good online activities, not only can gather popularity, but also for us to develop our loyal users. We can also see a lot of Web site operators are also aware of this point, actively carry out a variety of activities on the site, even under the original capital, spending a large amount of money to provide prizes, but we also have to see a lot of activity often whole down and can not get the expected hope, and factors from the bottom a lot of problems to the user is not positive enough. If the user is not interested in our activities, not active, we have to do all the more active, but also to hot face affixed to someone else’s cold ass. Then, how should we arouse the enthusiasm of users in the process of organizing an online activity? The following author will share some of his own views on the experience of his own organizational activities.

: a theme should be targeted to avoid the nose eyebrows and grabbed


theme is definitely what we need to do in any activity. For the website operators, operating a long-term activities from the point of view in order to enhance their online brand, or from the front view in order to enhance certain flow, the theme of the location of no ground for blame is very important. As an operator, when we organize an activity, our theme should be in line with the brand positioning of our own site or enterprise. Only in this way can our online activities achieve the best results. In contrast, many sites now online activities, we can see many activities theme has been blurred or distorted, the theme of activity and enterprise or website theme, the horse is not the horse mouth. Such activities to do the worst effect, and simply can not really agglomerate our target customers.

of course, in addition to the positioning of the theme, the activities associated with the program is also very particular about. For example, you are a local delicacy snacks forum, as operators are you going to organize a delicacy about online activities, and in order to attract our target customers, you can provide some related prizes, such as the XX city delicacy consumption coupon, coupon and so on, it can attract to our target user, also it echoes with our theme. Make the activity more soul.

two: with platform celebrities, make activities more humane

we know that an important part of doing online activities is interaction, and good interaction can allow our users to participate more actively in our activities. And how do we interact better with the user? I think we can use platform celebrities. Celebrities on our platform are often the most appealing. Just like millet Lei Jun, every time millet activities, he will interact with their fans on their micro-blog. For most platforms, there may be no celebrities like millet, Lei Jun, but…

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