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the end of July this year, the United States a blog referred to an Internet and mobile Internet industry law, the golden ratio or the golden ratio 30:10:10 or 30/10/10 from the electronic commerce industry conversion (Conversion funnel) network law evolved, with a funnel like shape is also known as the "funnel law".

what is the golden ratio, 30:10:10 or 30/10/10?


total visits user 1/3 is 30% users at least will really use your services in a 1/10, which is 10% of the users will often use your services, 10% of users will become your product’s hardcore fans, as shown in the shape of a funnel:


[funnel Law] golden ratio 30:10:10 or 30/10/10 more analysis:

The funnel law

on the Internet, which is the golden ratio law, originated in the electronic commerce industry user conversion rate of Conversion Funnel, mean 100 people visited your website, you can put some people into consumer customers in your site,

‘s conversion rate for e-commerce:

100% – total access user volume

20% – Email subscribers (or Facebook fans)

10% – membership

3% – order

1% – repeat the purchase of

as mentioned above, 30% of users begin using web services, 3% users buy, 1% of users become loyal fans and followers, and then repeat the purchase.

for mobile Internet smartphone mobile applications, the user conversion rate:

100% – click Admob/Adsense/iAd ad

20% – Download

6% – open the


2% – reuse

anyway, after joining the membership or downloading, that’s the problem with your product itself, and the difference between the different Funnel people is small.

through the above analysis and summary, summed up the Internet’s "funnel law", that is, the golden ratio law 30:10:10 or 30/10/10.

‘s article comes from foreign media, via.

further illustrates the golden ratio 30>

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