Ningzhe network Zhouning local station how to profit


What should

sites do to improve the conversion rate,


Zhou Ning: 1, whether the crowd is accurate; 2, promotion details are done in place. 3, I suggest you take a look at Taobao shop, learn about Amoy big content.


Hello, teacher. What questions should I pay attention to in the operation question and answer community? How can I effectively motivate users to produce high-quality content?

Zhou Ning: Q & A websites are good but difficult to make. Who is the answer? – the question is worth thinking about. Knowledge is the valuable content and good atmosphere that people who answer the question bring. Do every post, grab the first wave of net friend.


local community website how to stick to the user. Let users habitually take the local community as a necessary lesson for themselves every day.

Zhou Ning: the laws governing the formation of local communities are: creating the environment, setting up contacts, giving him reasons, interacting with him, and accumulating over time.


Zhou, Hello, I would like to ask you to do BBS promotion, can achieve the effect of Baidu promotion


Zhou Ning: it depends on a lot of factors:

1, the volume of the promotion: is the forum itself large enough? How much does it need to reach?

2, user habits: your domain, user habits, forums, or Baidu,


3, promotion cycle: you want to get instant results, choose Baidu; you want to conversion rate and ROI, do not mind time, then choose the forum.


local forum how to do very good interaction

Zhou Ning: interaction is the core of the community, in order to make people interact, we must do: 1, there are people worth interaction, 2, interactive atmosphere, 3, interactive topics. Look at these conditions. What do you do,



local communities should be done from what aspects of marketing? How to highlight the characteristics of the local community operations are basically the team in operation, then how can grassroots webmaster do well?


Zhou Ning: service oriented, marketing supplement. This is the main point of the local website. Grassroots Adsense difficult to do portal, but there may be a good mobile bbs.


excuse me, is the local station a little more on-line or a little more under the line?. Learn from the group, many stations often organize offline activities. And the website that manages oneself is managed by a person, also cannot organize, online activity can manage only.

Zhou Ning: a person only do on-line also line, let oneself AA go offline.


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