Three cent world stationmaster market still have

increasingly popular laggards, rapid advance of the station network, the stable development of the station, station is three of the world market, and of course sixteen Zhu Hou, is not listed here, in several states of can give dying kicks a rookie, summed up more or less the same, not is the sale of soft exchange program furthermore, is another link, how to turn out of this circle, so you must be tired, you did not reject the fish swimming dedication and persistence, you did not figure the king’s loyalty and contacts, you have no business head and smell 02.jpg. You have what, and some just passion, and some just imitate, fight popularity, you spell, but the laggards, spell trading, you fight, but Adsense nets, fight to earn money, you fight, but Adsense station.

what about this situation, some people may want to sigh, Born Under A Bad Sign ah, if it would be a big mistake, any market have his space, according to the analysis of non official statistics, Adsense market developed only less than 30%, then someone asked, the 70% I can’t see it. Oh, people can see the forum provider discuz, advertising platform provider Ali mother, told the website alliance Yiqifa billion, and so on, but we did not see that there is no chance to see or do not have the ability to do, now do people have done, what we do


I don’t know if I correct this inference, I just try, I also hope to share with everyone together, if we can even have a common goal of cooperation, I think the webmaster market there is great no development, even we can take the market, I am not so I analysis Weakness lends wings to rumours., now. The emergence of some whether community or platform or, all started to master this user group, is nothing more than to provide a platform for owners to provide convenience, this is a good starting point, because there are a lot of people are coming to know what webmaster webmaster need, but when they realize their station the value, they also consider in the webmaster? Advertising, false too soft everywhere, the market is not mature is not Mature concept is like this, obviously not, and now the webmaster need what? Do not know whether the webmaster market site is still thinking, now thinking.

, the Internet itself is a shared communication concept, a Links substantial all that, even the great Google strict regulations do cooperation should be Links, so you can have a good recognition of a good PR, a very simple question, by some people make friends of the chain is very complex, we can share up to the sharing of resources, including a lot of resources, in addition to your high PR, and experience sharing, technology sharing, these things mentioned above the site has done very well even if some are deliberately soft, which I found something is not shared, website code, website program, because these things have embarked on a trading platform, this time may have to say, to protect the copyright? I pay I >

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