WeChat circle of friends self discipline forming a personal brand effect

how to win more trust in the WeChat circle of friends, or publish an article, get more clicks, for individuals, need to practice the basic skills of their own, especially micro business, don’t look at the brand agent, the most important thing is to establish a "personal brand effect", that is in between goods and character, the character of the building is more important, which is why a lot of "media" in WeChat was one of the important reasons is very moist.



friends want to improve their reputation and brand effect, need from two aspects, one is to make full use of real friends contacts, if WeChat is seen as a new thing, then the reality of the relationship between friends is just like "genes", extensive connections in reality, means you are circle of friends begins with a good popularity, this part of the popular good drainage to the circle of friends, will soon establish a brand effect. On the other hand, to believe that the subversion of the Internet, many people may not have a high popularity in reality, especially the micro business, mostly in the fight for ideals for life, was once the "derivative" circle of friends "by", it is because of the China tradition, between friends is not easy to talk about "money, for money, can help the moral, and the formation of a trading relationship, friends will change the taste, then, for individuals, shaping of popularity and brand to the use of the Internet means.

how to do? Many people have complained that their hair the circle of friends and few people, why is this? Can find their own reasons, such as the analysis of their own circle of friends is what kind of people, their interests and hobbies is what, what things can cause against resonance. Then the article collected according to these preferences and focus of attention, in fact many articles do not have special write how gorgeous, as long as the topic of concern with one of the more eye-catching title, and then describe it. Of course, the circle of friends has a characteristic, that is unless you are a common friend to see the contents of the reply, then, might as well give yourself praise or reply, form an interactive atmosphere, while doing a bit of cheating, but as long as the confidence in his article, "puff" also not for.

also has a way to increase the focus of your circle of friends. There is a program of CCTV, the program name is "true", specifically the circle of friends some rumors and non clarification, in fact as long as there have been more than 5 years experience of Internet users will see some of the rumors appear regularly, for example in the QQ circle often appear "today is the anniversary of the Tencent boss 5, forwarding to diamond……" And so on. Why does the seemingly rumors there will always be people who love Its loopholes appeared one after another. forwarding? In fact, many netizens net age is different, I met a more than 40 year old sister, said she would use WeChat, do not use QQ, almost never used the computer on the network, all mobile phone online, and using a mobile phone does not open the page, you know micro >

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