Years of experience in group buying network how to do a good job of group buying business

group purchase can effectively improve sales; can promote the brand publicity and promotion; shorten the group purchase marketing, marketing cost, profit is considerable; a successful group purchase often means that the birth of a long-term and stable customer group purchase.

group buying marketing in one fell swoop, it has very important strategic significance, group buying marketing is the golden rule of low cost brand building. All stores want to do a good buy. Then, it is necessary to understand some of the key issues, so as to better handle the group buying business in reality.

accumulation of connections,

often hears some stores complain that "it doesn’t matter, we can’t find customers."." In 2009, the purchase of a shop accounted for 80% of the total sales, of which 40% of the group buying business came from a strange visit. This shows that group buying opportunities can be found, you can create, we need to actively seek to buy objects. The unit that needs to buy in general is government organs, enterprises and institutions. This requires that we usually do a good job, insist for a long time, rather than cramming cram. Therefore, the usual business should be good at the accumulation of contacts, and pay attention to group purchase object contact, and they try to establish communication channels, and to maintain the emotional relationship not easily won, once stabilized for a long time, group purchase will be a matter of course.

insists on

to do a good job of group buying business, the accumulation of contacts is very important. According to Tongzhou store manager Ji Li introduction, looking for buy object can introduce through others, can also be strange visit. Either way, the most important thing is to persist. Some clients, you visit or contact many times, he still does not respond. At this time can not give up, need perseverance. Unremittingly not every day to visit customers or contact, can Gesanchaiwu calls, send messages, holidays send sincere blessings. Long term past, when the customer has the group purchase demand, certainly can think of you.

must pay attention to details and etiquette when negotiating or operating group buying business. To grasp the reasonable visit skills, suddenly visiting a stranger, will make people feel abrupt, can also disrupt their work plan, put people off, so I want to interview you must make an appointment, can not rely on the courage to break. During the visit, if the other party is calling or busy, you need to dodge and make another appointment.

put in sincere

in daily life, as long as you put emotion into good faith, you will be able to win a good reputation. The same is true of store operations. The biggest characteristic of group buying is the flexibility and subjectivity of purchasing enterprises. Once you are careless, you may lose business opportunities. In many cases, we are dealing with the group purchase object, can move, let customers see your sincere group purchase. In the process of the contact group purchase, not every business, and customers can recall, say anything other than business. It’s easier to eliminate strangeness and distance.

guaranteed profit

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