Niuniu how to build the first half of the monthly income of 10000 yuan literature website

many webmaster initial station, are not willing to spend money to do promotion work. Prefer to spend more time and energy to promote, never let go of "advertising" opportunities, and even in the webmaster group, webmaster BBS also for their station propaganda. I think the promotion work should be appropriate, the focus on good user experience is the most important. Here’s my own way within a year to build the website monthly income of 10000 (literature station):

two months’ work in the initial stage of

acquisition link: new sites in the early stage, generally looking for high weight links are hard to find. Therefore, the initial investment of certain funds, the acquisition of links. Of course not black chain, I never buy black chain, because black chain does not guarantee the quality of stability. I bought a monthly package through the A5 intermediary: 1 PR6, 1 PR4, 8 PR3, 2 PR2, including intermediary fees, all add up to 100 yuan.

acquisition signature: I bought some high quality signature in outdated, A5 and Chinaz respectively. A5 points in 3000 points, and so on, and so on, for the time being, or outdated signature effect is better, the general price is not expensive, a signature, a month 30. I charge 3 a month and spend about 100 dollars.

blog: now many webmaster have their own blog, of course, I am no exception. I mainly Baidu space based, because now Baidu pay more attention to their products, search results out, the first row is basically Baidu’s own products. Others, like Sina, NetEase, CICC, I’m registered, and I’ll post an article in Baidu space, and then I’ll blog and send it to another blog.

write soft Wen: adhere to every day can write a soft text. Whether you’re writing a story or your own experience, it takes a lot of time to start with, and it’s relatively easy. Now two hours can write a soft text out, spend an hour to write, an hour repeatedly check the quality of the article.

pseudo original article: spend an hour every day to update the article. Collected articles, I will put the title of the article, the article tail, to add their own station keywords. For SEO, I don’t have much more to study. I just think Baidu likes originality, huh?.

to PR update time, straight up directly to PR5, the global ranking of about 300000.

works two months in the middle:

good link work: in order to continue to develop the site, I put the original PR2, PR3 links removed (I told the webmaster just removed). Every day for two than I stand weight high in exchange in exchange for a time, because of the frequent exchange, it is easy to judge the search engine to "cheat", received the lessons of the past, do Links I will be more careful, focus on four aspects: the other — Baidu snapshot collection — how much website content – chain.

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