Website development and profit positioning is the most important

at present, it seems that China is experiencing a "station building heat" situation. Big station station, lined up. All forms, the Internet can be described as colorful. However, in the tide of the station, who will be successful? Who is able to use the Internet to make money webmaster?. Perhaps the answer is: the most intelligent people (and perhaps fools will say that), the mind determines the way you stand, the positioning of the crowd and the future development.

campus network, happy net. This is an example of what we can learn. These are learned from foreign countries. But he is also in line with the needs of the crowd now, in that case, the website is profitable. Adsense nets are often posted abroad, many young people create more profitable site introduction. Everyone can learn. You can learn and reference (,,) to combine. But my mind is still indispensable.

talk about my site now: true and false identification network, my positioning is: now is the era of e-commerce, online shopping has become a hot topic, however, there are many disadvantages of online shopping. Profiteers, fakes are filled with this piece of land. Consumers when shopping can’t buy their existing items (or, less), since the choice of new goods, she not too familiar with the 98% items, more will be impossible to distinguish the genuine goods. In this case, that is the starting point of my website. I’m going to collect some information about true or false identification, or go to every store to find the owner and do some real identification for me. This really can serve those online shopping in the crowd. Then I stand to their gold claim is for consumers to provide authentication services, safeguard the interests of consumers


since the positioning of the crowd is this, then where is the starting point for profit? Since the goods are genuine and false identification, I can certainly recommend genuine goods for these groups. This station can be made entirely by Taobao. Subsequently, you can set up shop in Taobao, if manpower, material and financial resources enough, you can open a lot of stores. (of course, many authentic stores), then this site is also an extension of Taobao stores. Because, since the real identification network recommended shops must be genuine shops. In this way, the development of Taobao stores will be more than their own obscurity to do, much faster.

above is my own stand of an idea to share with you, some deficiencies, but also please advise.

in addition, to give everyone an extension, and now many people say what is the most profitable now, women and children is a good crowd. However, the positioning of women can not be limited to clothing and food. Today’s social life is too fast, too much pressure, work pressure, life pressure, and so on.. Wouldn’t it be better if we had a good platform for a talking station? It’s different from QQ, school, and so on. They’re interactive. We are interactive, too. But talking is to find the right person to talk about. No, QQ, just talk to someone. Dating network is not very harmonious. So this kind of station, I want to do something worth analyzing, or to practice the station. For everyone!

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