Only with content as the core can the website develop for a long time

I have done standing group, done garbage station, made a black hat site, now more sure of a point of view, the site wants to develop for a long time, content is king, content as the core, so that the site for a long time to develop. Here is whether you are content as the core industry sites, or rely on SEO to optimize the site content is the priority among priorities, whether from the perspective of marketing, user stickiness or angle, to meet customer demand point of view, is to the core content, content is the basis of all your business model, so today to as the core content, long-term development of the road to the site.

first: new industry website, the content is very important,

for many new industry sites, such as B2B, B2C or the local classified information platform, do whatever your site in these models and then refined, more beautiful, for the user to look at the main content, the user can not control what your business model, what the number of investment, users need to find the information he needs business industry dynamics, and so on, and the construction of this area belong to the contents of the building, you need to spend energy. It can be likened to, a commercial plaza, the construction of a beautiful, good-looking, but there is no one commodity, there is no meaningful things, do you think there will be users to patronize?


so for the opening of the new industry site, the author suggests each column I have at least started a 5-10 text content, let the rich web content allows users to see this is not an empty, and then go to the promotion, so as to attract users to browse, register, and even publish information.

second: operating website to slowly increase content,

this is a very important point, regardless of the search engine or to the user, a content continues to increase daily sites will be more love, every day will increase the content and release time, let the user know that this is the new content, let the user habit, know the day you will have new content, let users love your site, to develop the habit of visiting.

of the search engine, continue to slowly increase the content is also essential, in the search engine rating, more gradual enhance content of the spider love site, but not today increase 100, the following Monday article content is not increased, only a day continuous increase high quality original content (original content for certain), proportion of such sites, will get more and more customers from search engines, and website brand will gradually go up.

third: commercial sites should increase the knowledge content

The increase of

content at present most of the websites are the direction of product introduction, service industry introduction, in fact this to increase user stickiness is not very good, because the commercial content relatively more competition, visitors get difficulty is relatively large, especially the new website, because the money to do promotion. It is difficult to start a lot of traffic, then.

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