The orientation and breakthrough point of Network Entrepreneurship

Chinese network business a prominent feature is the love to follow suit, the main indicator is to see the United States recently what site fire fire, who mimic who, I am not saying that imitation is not good, after all, we started late, the whole network industry maturity than others, imitation is a kind of method of risk is relatively small. But too many people imitate, is not a good thing, so many manpower and material resources in the same field, survived just a few, this not only caused a great waste, but also let us always fall behind. There is only one way to break through this phenomenon, that is, to find a niche that suits you according to your own conditions or wishes. How to find business position, I have already spoken, not seen friends can get a look at (interest is the spiritual pillar, their entrepreneurial resources and entrepreneurial direction, how to find the local resources to start), here I mainly want to speak of the "starting point" after a positioning.

I personally have always believed that the location to find, the starting point is hard to find. Because in real life, people through the analysis of their own conditions, personal preferences and the advantages of local resources and so on, are relatively easy to find a business direction, but in the face of the designated areas of entrepreneurship, should start from where to start? Before you like a big cake tempting, but do not know where the first knife cut, because unlike business and cut the cake so arbitrary, you must ensure that this is down across the board, you can eat a piece, a knife and the direction of the cut, more important is to have your hands can hold the knife, after the cake came give, do not give them to them, what is up to you. When all these factors are the first cut in you would expect, or you may eat the cake is less and less, finally even the knife by others, as do the wedding dress for others.


is this piece of cake has been eaten, as you later want to share or to grab when the allocation, the starting point for you is very important, if not good, always eat cake with the others behind, or being squeezed out of office only to find, to catch up from behind, turn from a guest into a host. You say you can not, this example is more, such as Baidu, Taobao, Dangdang, are in the face of strong opponents and catch up from behind. Especially in the network world, this may be very common, because a feature of the Internet is the biggest change too fast, if you can not adapt to the pace of change, will be followed closely behind the see your weakness, fast after you down, or eat you, or leave you out. Law of the jungle law of nature, but in the network world there is a law that is fast over speed, the speed in addition you find the speed of the food, it is more important when you change in the environment can be quickly change themselves, to cater to this change, but also with competitors always at a certain distance, so they are difficult to avoid near you. Distance means survival. That’s natural

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