How to promote the development of modern animal husbandry in Zigong

policy for grazing. The development of a region cannot do without local government support, so although each city’s geographical location is not the same, but the related leadership department still should be combined with regional advantages to play its own characteristics, the introduction of effective policies, to develop its own. The introduction of "on the developing characteristics and advantages of accelerating the construction of modern animal husbandry animal husbandry advice", to solve the problem of capital, land, taxation, credit, financing and water and electricity development; integration of project funds, industry and commerce, leveraging private capital more than 500 million yuan investment in modern animal husbandry; carry out the policy of the hog price index and aquaculture insurance, implementation nature, disease and market risk coverage.

science and technology. Cooperation with the Provincial Animal Husbandry Research Institute, Sichuan agricultural research institutions such as the implementation of 20 projects, to promote the introduction of the black pig, Shu Xuan huaniu and Guimu No. 1, 16 new varieties of grass, livestock and poultry; 22 new technology automatic control technology, straw livestock, expected this year’s science and technology contribution rate of animal husbandry 65%, an increase of 5%.

brand strong grazing. To promote the "safety certification Mishina a standard animal products have been certified pollution-free, green, organic and geographical indications of livestock products 34; animal husbandry, animal husbandry support Baernong day food and other more than and 30 key leading enterprises create famous brand 45.

rule by law. We live in a legal society, many aspects are inseparable from the protection of the law, for the development of animal husbandry is no exception. Zigong city to carry out special rectification action, strict quality and safety of animal products market access and accountability, the implementation of investment products, aquaculture, processing and sales of full supervision, strengthen disinfection, immunity and disease monitoring, supervision and guidance to strengthen the scale livestock and poultry farms waste utilization.

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