Return to business starting from scratch after 80 young companies revenue 20 million

started from the home business, just over six years, Guo Chunhe has built an annual output value of Dingbian students checked comprehensive group 20 million yuan. Promote a party to achieve the goal of wealth.

2009 resigned from Xi’an back to Dingbian, 80 youth Guo Chunhe led the mentees to start a business, 6 years time, he integrated enterprise group from the initial difficult now has a cross field of architectural design, agricultural development, the company annual sales value reached 20 million yuan. The day before, in the Shaanxi Province Young Entrepreneurs Association seventh session of the general assembly and the Silk Road Youthology build Chinese dream "Outstanding Young Entrepreneur Award Ceremony, Guo Chunhe won the" Shaanxi top ten young entrepreneurs "title.

"have entrepreneurial dreams" from

high school

"idea is one step forward to." Guo Chunhe said. On the road, they did not forget those college students who are studying hard and unemployed, in the county of "build the future" young entrepreneurs of student activities, the company has funded 3 outstanding college students, each year, dozens of unemployed college students.

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