How to open a new store to promote publicity

old if you want to promote relatively simple, after all, have a certain customer base, but for the new store, but faced with many difficulties. Cousin intends to open a new store, before opening, please advise how to promote a gun and red. The topic of a fellow fellow WeChat group on the fried pot. I think this discussion on the significance of the new shop owner, can play a very good reference. So put it out, I hope to be able to bring more help to the owner.

@ dream come true: I had opened with bulk oil and rice, egg etc. to engage in activities and activities at the time was very successful, selling one hundred or two hundred boxes of egg, vegetable oil sold one thousand or two thousand pounds, a lot of people a day ran several times, very lively. But more than a decade later, these promotions are not applicable.

@ come true: that is, low price promotions most customers are very useful. I opened most of the goods are sold at a discount, paper products, milk, grain and oil, beer all purchase price sales there are many other things, is to buy send. Front of the store is also a sea of people, the day is tired paralysis. Although the day did not earn any money, but earned popularity, people know that I opened a new store here, but also cheap goods.

@ you two perfect conjugal bliss: I have to open late, in contrast to some promotion pattern. In addition to the special items, I also prepared some interesting activities and customer interaction. Remember the full 100 yuan lottery activity by consumers love. I prepare some table tennis, there are 123 prize, you can see the full 100 Mojiang, some customers feel the first prize a bed tahuabei, other customers have heart, have to shopping together 100 yuan, ready to try his luck mojiang. Shop full of people around to open the door to the lively people, other customers flocked to the mentality of the past, Wai Wai was packed, the opening day of the business unpopular.

@ win at the starting line: I opened before the copy of the advertising leaflets, the store’s promotions are on the list, and then ask people to send along the street. The opening day also invited the drum team to do publicity. In addition, the same day invited a number of manufacturers outside the promotion, they have a professional moderator and promotional team, relatively easy to interact with customers, promotional activities are also easy to be accepted by the customer.

@ spring bloom: opening early propaganda is critical. I just did not publicize before the opening, the opening day of the cold. I am opening day also asked manufacturers to engage in activities, in fact, the intensity is relatively large, buy washing powder to send gifts, buy more to send, buy less send washbasin or toothpaste, buy food for the full 98 to send a cart, but the effect is not very good. Only two and a half of the customers come to see the lively, other customers turn a deaf ear. The opening activities were not successful and the industry had been opened for a long time. They did not know that there was a supermarket here. Fortunately, I later received two

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