Six must see successful entrepreneurial tips

entrepreneurship has never been a very simple thing. Why some people can easily make millions of years, but some people stumble into eternal hatred, planted in the bottom can not climb up, summed up, there are six points to start a small business is to pay attention to.

two skills: resolutely bangdakuan " "

if you phase is located near the famous chain stores or shops brand stores, even at the store next door, then you can save time and energy on the market shops, because your brand shops will attract customers can use these stores.

three skills: using " Like attracts like. "


management departments and not on a street, a market management regulations, but in the long run, a street or a certain region, probably the spontaneous formation of a certain commodity sales market concentration " ".

four skills: independent window no less than

five skills: the purchasing power of the people around

The size and quality of the purchasing power of the

Six Skills: the flow of people is very important

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