Tongcheng entrepreneurship symposium held recently


is the entrepreneurship policy support of the government, although the country is indeed there are many successful entrepreneurs, however, in order to promote the better development of local entrepreneurship, but also throughout the country held a relevant forum, Tongcheng Venture Forum recently officially held for typical.

recently, the Tongcheng municipal entrepreneurship symposium held in the two floor conference room of the City Employment Bureau, Anqing Municipal Employment Bureau Li Kerang, director of the Anqing municipal training center and the Employment Bureau staff to participate in the forum on. The forum aims to summarize the difficulties of entrepreneurship, summing up the entrepreneurial experience, talk about the dream of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship for the majority of entrepreneurs to pass positive energy, and actively create a public entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial atmosphere.

invited eight typical entrepreneurs to participate in the forum, they are Tongcheng, Xu Xiaoxu, Xu Xueqiong, Wang Xiaozhong Tucker, Cui Xiangyou, Anqing City, Anhui province Jiang Ximing ten entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship contest winners Rong Gang, Hai Xia, Xue Wu Liubing (replaced Chen Xuan), as their business students, migrant workers, laid-off workers of the typical entrepreneurial venture representative.

forum eight entrepreneurs speak freely, from traditional agricultural development, green manufacturing and multinational development of cultural industry, innovation and development of e-commerce development of emerging industries, talk about the hardships, said business stories, entrepreneurial experience, entrepreneurial pioneer.

director Li Kerang pointed out that the meeting was very successful, and achieved the desired results, real poineering work in Tongcheng city to do good, do propaganda in place, plays a leading role in the city of Anqing big brother. To further sum up the entrepreneurial experience, to strengthen the business model of publicity, the social sector should take the initiative to help entrepreneurs to help entrepreneurs clean up obstacles on the road, so that more entrepreneurs realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

In the end

entrepreneurs business will usher in a what kind of development, and the attitude of the government will have a very close relationship, and the Entrepreneurial City Tong can have such a development, nature has a close relationship with various local preferential policies. And I believe that with the convening of such a forum, the development of entrepreneurship in Tongcheng will have a greater help.

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