How to successfully operate clothing stores to create more value

industry segments, for the majority of investors a challenge. With the continuous increase of the brand, the franchisee’s team is growing, so the competition in the retail market is becoming more and more fierce. In general, the shop, talent, system, copy to join the business is the fastest secret of success.

franchisees do is brand retail business, since it is a retail shop, the franchisee, is undoubtedly important. How to open a specialty store, will rise to the six core issues of store management, that is, store image, store service, store orders, store location, store layout and personnel management.


image store store image is supported by store image, product image, service image. According to expert survey found that: 83% of the external things people receive from the visual. The survey results show that the image of the store in the first to attract consumers. Just imagine, if the customer even shop will not enter, our goods sold? Good image of the store allows customers to cause concern, Lenovo, investment money market image, make a lot of money, the benefit of excellent shops, as can be imagined; commodity management is always the theme, is the survival and development of the theme shops, good the image of the store, excellent products, plus good service image, can rapidly enhance the consumer’s desire to buy.





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