Small food and beverage industry will become a new trend

rapid development of economy, the quickening pace of life, food and beverage industry as the business for the first time, in the fast-paced life under pressure, the recent strong momentum of development of fast food industry. Which became the first choice of a small number of food and beverage investment, why entrepreneurs are targeting a small restaurant to join it?

with the rapid development of economy, people’s income levels improve, accelerate the pace of life, food and beverage industry as one of the pillar industries of the third industry, the momentum of its development is also attracted a lot of entrepreneurs great concern. However, entrepreneurs to participate in the catering industry, is also a big problem afflicting them! In recent years, although the momentum of development of the catering industry hot unstoppable, but some in the industry of high rents, human renovation costs continue to rise, the lack of product innovation of food supply chain tension, and frequently exposed by the the food safety problem and so on, the catering industry paid a painful price".

on a recent observation of a catering group in 2015 actual earnings data show:

McDonald’s, for example, in 2015 the annual Chinese McDonald’s sales reached $25 billion 420 million, down by 7%. Net profit of $4 billion 529 million 300 thousand, down 5%. Excluding the impact of foreign exchange, sales and net profit increased by 3% and 5%, which shows that its earnings are still growing, and the annual increase rate of between 200 – 250. McDonald’s China chief executive Zhang Jiayin said earlier in 2016 that its "front" will focus on the two to five tier cities.

Quanjude performance in 2015 can be said to be stabilized rebound. Unlike in the past, before, Quanjude stores mainly in eight hundred to two thousand square meters of the main store. But in 2016, Quanjude is one of the key layout of the Mini store, and the original store into shops for white-collar office lunch and dinner to launch a new business: self distribution, in cooperation with Baidu takeaway delivery.

from above two to five McDonald’s fast expanding line of the city market to the high profile Quanjude to the mass line, the development of franchise mode in the food industry was "very influential", only route, structure development is to mass catering mode and small restaurants to join the party to change.


designed for small catering business services catering franchise brand shop also mentioned: small catering to join in line with the development trend of catering industry now, consumers about environment, pay attention to quick and pay attention to diet, but consumption is not too high, this model is suitable for young entrepreneurs.

day and food catering are doing now is to open the way for small catering entrepreneurs day food catering entrepreneurs to provide professional catering skills training, management skills training, not only to protect entrepreneurs diversity employment options > canal

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